Episode 20–What Are the Strategies for the General?

By | May 12, 2016

As we like to do with every 5th episode, this one prognosticates the future as we look at Trump and Hillary’s strategies for the general election. [Hint: We think HRC’s campaign manager may have an easier time than Trump’s, unless he pulls more “brilliant” moves like his infamous Taco Bowl picture.] And we also take a look back at episode 5 to review past prognostications and explain how Alabama Liberal was led astray by pundits. A lively, loose, and funny episode that takes time to properly diss Cruz, Kasich, the not-so-honorable Judge Roy Moore, and thoroughly examine Trump’s Taco Bowl and Cruz’s conspiracy theories.

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 20--What Are the Strategies for the General?

2 thoughts on “Episode 20–What Are the Strategies for the General?

  1. Jose'

    Great report but let me say the Taco Bowl stunt makes me want to throw up.

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