Episode 19–Should Red States and Blue States Swap Positions?

By | May 5, 2016

In one of our best and most personal podcast episodes yet, we cover a wide range of topics: in the beginning, we dance on Ted Cruz’s (campaign) grave, diss North Carolina’s ridiculous transgender laws, and then move into an examination of red state vs. blue state positions and wonder if they should think about swapping their stances on economics, taxes, family planning, guns, immigration, and even food. And we ask: why does Alabama think ISIS is camped out in the Wal-Mart parking lot while California is barely concerned about terrorism? Why is Alabama’s “family planning” a pack of Skittles falsely labeled as birth control while blue states are waiting–if anything–too long to have kids? And, of course, the Israel/Palestine of American politics guns vs. abortion…

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 19--Should Red States and Blue States Swap Positions?

One thought on “Episode 19–Should Red States and Blue States Swap Positions?

  1. Leanne

    Swapping places and waking the fuck up would be good.

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