Episode 15–What Would Each Candidate Do as President?

By | April 6, 2016

Welcome back friends! After a week hiatus, we’re ready to tackle the biggest questions: is Ben Carson the worst campaign surrogate you’ve ever seen? Is Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s sex scandal even more surprising than Ted Cruz apparently finding five women willing to have sex with him? Is oil the common thread that unites America’s enemies, and why is Obama considered bad on foreign policy? And then we try to figure out the really big questions like what each presidential candidate’s administration would look like: who would be more against everything, Bernie or Ted? Would Trump refuse to let anybody sit behind him during The State of the Union address? And the scary thought that Trump’s proposals actually are more executive branch than Bernie’s…

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 15--What Would Each Candidate Do as President?

2 thoughts on “Episode 15–What Would Each Candidate Do as President?

  1. Gully

    Hilarious! The governor of Alabama should be impeached. What a hypocrite he is. Deacon in the church and he and mistress have a joint safety deposit box. Probably filled with money that they have stolen from the hard working tax payers.

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