Episode 14–Are Doomed Campaigns Ponzi Schemes? Plus, “Election Industrial Complex”

By | March 23, 2016

We explore the growing “Election Industrial Complex” and how our elections have become a big business. And discuss some big questions like: are doomed political campaigns the new ponzi schemes? Is it wrong for politicians on a losing mission (cough, Bernie and Kasich, cough) to keep getting money for campaigns that can’t win? Is their ego roughly the same as billionaire financiers (cough, Koch Brothers and Adelson, cough) who want to drop more than a billion this election cycle? Is “Election Industrial Complex” assisted by a media that wants to play up the horse race aspect for ratings? Was Ben Carson’s campaign a pyramid scheme or a money laundering operation? Is Bernie’s campaign depriving congressional Democrats that could win of needed funds? And just why are America’s super-rich—from Trump to Sheldon to Koch—so damn angry?

4 thoughts on “Episode 14–Are Doomed Campaigns Ponzi Schemes? Plus, “Election Industrial Complex”

  1. Christopher

    So right, this is a newspaper in itself.
    Loved it.

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