Episode 13–Is Trump the New Hitler, Reagan, or–Gasp–Obama?!

By | March 15, 2016

In our unlucky 13 episode, we profile a suitable ghost/goblin type figure: probable Republican nominee and occasional steak salesman Donald J. Trump. This is perhaps the deepest analysis yet of how Trump is winning, what everyone else is missing about his candidacy, and what–if anything–Trump truly believes in besides Trump. We dive deep into his media messaging, why he had to come out so extreme on immigration to win the GOP nomination, how he brilliantly used that wedge issue as a wedge between the Republican Party and its base voters, and how he’s actually more moderate on several key issues. We try to figure out if he’s the xenophobe-fascist of liberal nightmares, the closet Democrat of panicky National Review think pieces, or just an Obama-type candidate that inspires wildly different reactions from different people.

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 13--Is Trump the New Hitler, Reagan, or--Gasp--Obama?!

13 thoughts on “Episode 13–Is Trump the New Hitler, Reagan, or–Gasp–Obama?!

  1. Kaiya

    Not sure what kind of president Trump will make. It is kind of scary.

  2. Vanessa Francisco

    This doesn’t sound right for us hispanic, he shouldn’t be the president.

  3. Addison

    It’s kind of scary to think of how Trump will handle being president. He could either turn out to be good or he could continue to make us question our government.

  4. Mauricio Aguirre

    Having Donald Trump as president is gonna be a bad thing because he’s gonna move all the hispanics out.

  5. Seth

    I believe that he could be a good president as long as he makes the right decisions and tries his best to fix the economy after Obama’s term.

  6. Marco

    I have no words but Donald Trump would be the worst president in the history of the United States of America.

  7. Christopher

    If Trump really has a chance then he needs to clean up his mouth and become more for democracy.
    Good job!

  8. Isabella

    If Trump wants to be president then he needs to use different language and care a little bit more about people.

  9. Anonymous

    Donald Trump does not need to be president.

  10. Makayla M.

    Donald Trump being president is a bad idea. He is a entertainer, and that’s how it needs to stay.

  11. Makayla M.

    Donald Trump for president is a bad idea. He is a entertainer, and that’s how it needs to stay.

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