Episode 11–What’s the Matter with Alabama? Examining Red States

By | February 29, 2016

In our most personal episode to date, Blue in Alabama and Alabama Liberal explore the fundamental question: Why do red states go for policies that aren’t helping them? And we actually answer it. Join us as we explore The Southern Strategy, how Alabama’s political shifts have been a reaction to race, and the direct correlation between low education, income inequality, low-wage jobs, and crime. Plus, we discuss some hopeful things on the horizon, and how Alabama might save itself if it only it could get higher voter turnout.

3 thoughts on “Episode 11–What’s the Matter with Alabama? Examining Red States

  1. Crissa

    So true Nancy. Why would any woman vote for a Republican when they don’t regard women as being whole.

  2. Beatrice

    Republicans haven’t figured out what planned parenthood means, either.
    Great article.
    Keep writing.
    I like the way you show all opinions and both sides.

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