Actually, Obama DID Care About Red States and Rural Areas

It is a common misconception that Obama didn’t try to win over red states or rural areas or the white working class or older white rural voters or people who are 50 miles from a Target or however you’d like to phrase it. In contrast to Trump–who is perfectly fine letting California get consumed by… Read More »

Don’t Let Trump’s Base LIE About Biden’s Mental Fitness

It is hilariously hypocritical that Trump’s base makes Biden sound like a puppet. We all know Trump goofs around at Mar-a-Lago or on Twitter; is the only POTUS other than Reagan to suffer actual cognitive mental decline; and has no government knowledge, experience, or interest. There’s a reason Coronavirus has claimed 200K American lives and… Read More »

Dismantling the Only Pro-Trump Arguments

Dismantling the only two pro-Trump arguments… –“Trump is a great businessman. Biden will be bad for the economy.”…On what planet can someone say this with a straight face? The Bob Woodward interview proves that Trump knew the risks of Coronavirus and went ahead and downplayed it anyway. He is personally responsible for tanking the American economy with… Read More »