TV Reviews: Did “Crashing” Get Better in Season Two?

That’s a deceptively simple question since in many ways “Crashing”‘s season two was a more satisfying, more consistent experience with an interesting arc (perpetual lost puppy Pete Holmes meets a razor-sharp, competitive female comic in a very realistic and twisty version of “Boy Meets Girl”), but I also found myself mysteriously sluggish in watching the… Read More »

Unpopular Vote: Trump is From New York

Laying out the case that Queens is not some Confederate Atlantis that broke off from Mississippi and is most definitely part of NYC, despite New Yorkers reluctance to claim him. Note: I filmed this video in Gulf Shores BUT the wind messed up the sound, so that’s why I layered the first video over the… Read More »

TV Reviews: “UnReal,” “McMafia,” “Final Space”

Three very different series premiered this week, and the only returning show of the bunch (“UnReal”) may have waited a little too long to come back after a weak season 2… UnReal, Season 3…The show had a terrible second season, but–to me–it doesn’t look like they fully understand what the problem is: stagnant, obnoxious characters… Read More »

Review: “The Polka King” is the Best Film of Early 2018

We live in a world of unbelievable things. In an unusually strong January/February period stacked with Natalie Portman mindblowers like “Annihilation,” charming family films like “Early Man” or “Paddington 2,” and Marvel’s best film in a decade, “Black Panther,” the film I found myself most drawn to is an obscure Netflix original starring Jack Black… Read More »

“The Walking Dead” is TV’s First Unisex Soap Opera

Cables two biggest soap operas are back this week with premieres for “The Walking Dead” and “UnReal.” Now before you scoff at the definition of TWD as a soap opera remember that zombie Godfather George A. Romero dissed “Dead” as a “soap opera with zombies.” And I might have to agree after watching the mid-season… Read More »

How Liberal Movements Keep Failing

Why do all liberal movements experience such mission creep? What is it about the heart of liberals—always well-meaning in the beginning, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions—that keeps drifting to America’s most puritanical instincts? Why can “Occupy Wall Street,” “Black Lives Matter,” Sandernistas, the #MeToo Mafia, and other solid movements not… Read More »

With Lewinsky, #MeToo Movement Drifts Further Into Infantilization

I’m not sure there’s a woman alive I feel less sorry for than Monica Lewinsky. And before you start in that I’m slut-shaming her, keep in mind that I fully respected her decision to sleep with the President…until she didn’t, retroactively slut-shaming herself after listening to the rightwing’s and some women’s insistence for two decades that she… Read More »

Movie Review: Annihilation

Is there a more deceptively shallow writer/director working today than Alex Garland? After receiving a lot of acclaim for the scripts of “28 Days Later,” “Sunshine,” “Never Let Me Go,” and “Dredd” (all of them over-praised sci-fi that attached larger significance to themselves than they deserved), he royally gamed critics with “Ex Machina.” That was a… Read More »