The BEST TV Characters of the Year

Very, very tough to get this list down to only 10 spots, so I had to take it to 12 (top that, “Spinal Tap”). And this is even with no new episodes of “Fargo,” “Game of Thrones,” “Veep,” or “Mr. Robot” this past year. Even with that (seemingly) reduced competition, there are lots of shows I… Read More »

Long-Title Reviews: “…Buster Scruggs,” “Bad Times at…” “Nutcracker and…” “A Star…” “Old Man and the Gun” “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”

Is it just me, or are film titles getting longer? I guess with so many new films being released, they need a way to stand out… The Ballad of Buster Scruggs…The Coen Brothers are back with their Old Testament approach to narrative: creating fascinating characters only so they can torture them for the high-crime of… Read More »

TV Reviews: “Kidding,” “You,” “The Purge,” “Mayans MC,” “Deutschland 86”

Some brief reviews of great shows you might’ve missed, and a few crappy ones I hope you did overlook… Kidding…When you’ve seen as many movies and TV shows as I have, all you really want is something original every once and a while, and “Kidding” more than delivers. Jim Carrey gives the performance you didn’t… Read More »

The Top Ten Midterm Races I’ll Be Watching Tomorrow (and Share Your Own!)

Truly, I care about all the races tomorrow, and I’d like to see as many Democrats as possible win representative seats, senate seats, Governor’s mansions, state legislature seats, schoolboard spots, dog catcher jobs, etc. Basically, if you’re a Democrat, I hope you win tomorrow, and I certainly hope that enough races go the right way that Democrats… Read More »

Walking Dead Review: Rick Grimes’s “Final” Episode

Just when it felt like “The Walking Dead” was about to successfully pull off its best episode in years, the show ended with two “twists” that can’t help but feel like a letdown. After all the buzz, Rick Grimes “died” as he lived: drenched in sentimentality while putting a lot of other people in danger, before… Read More »

Quick Reviews: “Fahrenheit 11/9,” “House with a Clock in Its Walls,” “You Were Never There,” “Endless,” “RBG,” “Angel,” “Revenge,” “Rider,” “Resistance Banker,” “Venom”

Fahrenheit 11/9…Michael Moore’s confused agitprop wasn’t half the film “Fahrenheit 911” was–either critically or commercially, and it’s because Moore isn’t really making a film about Trump. Long sections of this film seem like Moore actually set out to make a documentary about the Flint Michigan water crisis (an environmental scandal that could also be considered a slow-moving… Read More »

Quick Reviews: “Sisters Brothers,” “Simple Plan,” “Predator,” “Nun,” “Peppermint,” “White Boy Rick” “Jurassic World 2” “Uncle Drew” “Damascus Cover” “Gemini”

The Sisters Brothers…A twisty Western that keeps going in directions you wouldn’t expect. For some, that may be a bit disappointing at first, but this is a film that grows the more I think about it. I found myself slightly underwhelmed while watching it, but enjoying it more fondly days and even weeks later. For… Read More »

“Eighth Grade,” “Juliet Naked,” “Searching,” “Mission Impossible 6,” “Sorry to Bother You,” “Blindspotting,” “Kin,” “Mile 22,” “3 Identical Strangers,” “Christopher Robin”

Some more new movies to talk about, most of which are actually good… Eighth Grade…One of the absolute best films of 2018. Hilarious, moving, and so realistic (in a way few “slice of life” indies truly are) some scenes are hard to watch since it could easily be a documentary. Elsie Fisher deserves a Best… Read More »

TON of Reviews: “Operation Finale,” “The Meg,” “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Happytime Murders,” “Mamma Mia 2,” “Teen Titans,” “Alpha,” “Equalizer 2,” “Darkest Minds,” “McQueen”

So many reviews, so little interest…Why not combine about 10 August movies into one super-review? The Meg…A film designed to make “The Shallows” or “47 Meters Down” look like masterpieces. I actually enjoy a good shark movie during the Summertime (both of the aforementioned got positive reviews from this critic), but “The Meg” isn’t even… Read More »