Part 1–If You Hate the Last 50 Years, Blame Republicans

AL pushes back on the myth that both parties are equally powerful, since America has mostly been under GOP control since 1969. Even though conservatives are angrier than they’ve ever been (and believe it’s due to social liberalism), it’s actually because of economic conservatives squeezing them.

Every 2018 Movie Ranked From Worst to Best

The Worst Film of 2018: The Hurricane Heist…F Skyscraper…D- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2: Crimes of Grindewald…D- Revenge…D- Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom…D- Mortal Engines…D- Uncle Drew…D- The Predator…D- Hotel Artemis…D- Dog Days…D The Spy Who Dumped Me…D Tau…D Mute…D Peter Rabbit…D Extinction…D Proud Mary…D Tomb Raider…D Show Dogs…D Rampage…D+ The Ritual…D+ Irreplaceable… Read More »

Best TV Shows of 2018

I’ve already covered some of this ground in “Best TV Characters of 2018” and “Best TV Moments of 2018,” so check those articles out for further details… 10. Who is America?…Shamefully underrated, masterful satire that fully explores (and explains) why we are so very, very far apart in 2018. Not all Cohen’s set pieces work,… Read More »

Best Movie Moments of 2018

There so many great movie scenes in 2018, that I wound up having to expand the list to 12, and even then there were several I had to cut (like “most devastating ending” which belongs to The Kindergarten Teacher) Best Twist–“Tully”…I still don’t want to give it away for anyone who hasn’t seen it (the movie’s… Read More »

Best TV Moments or Episodes of 2018

10. Homeland–President Keane Resigns…This season of “Homeland” was arguably the best in years, dealing with Russia, a weakened Presidency, and the corrupting influence of propaganda, both foreign and domestic. Yet no moment served as wish fulfillment better than President Elizabeth Keane (a wide-awake Elizabeth Marvel, showing how paranoia can destroy idealism) resigning for the good… Read More »

What Will Be Nominated for Oscars (and What SHOULD Be Instead)

I’ve gotten pretty good at guessing the majority of the Oscar nominees in the major categories, but there’s a better list to consider too: what films I love that should be nominated… Best Supporting Actress Who Should Be Nominated Note on “The Favourite”‘s Emma Stone: To me, she’s really the lead actress of “Favourite,” but for some strange reason her… Read More »

The BEST TV Characters of the Year

Very, very tough to get this list down to only 10 spots, so I had to take it to 12 (top that, “Spinal Tap”). And this is even with no new episodes of “Fargo,” “Game of Thrones,” “Veep,” or “Mr. Robot” this past year. Even with that (seemingly) reduced competition, there are lots of shows I… Read More »

Long-Title Reviews: “…Buster Scruggs,” “Bad Times at…” “Nutcracker and…” “A Star…” “Old Man and the Gun” “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”

Is it just me, or are film titles getting longer? I guess with so many new films being released, they need a way to stand out… The Ballad of Buster Scruggs…The Coen Brothers are back with their Old Testament approach to narrative: creating fascinating characters only so they can torture them for the high-crime of… Read More »