Why Didn’t Democrats Take Back Texas?

One of the loftiest goals for the Democratic Party has been to flip Texas blue. Or perhaps “take it back” would be more accurate since it was Democratic for over a century before W. Bush put his carpet bagging ass in the Governor’s mansion. They wanted it bad for Hillary in 2016, for Beto in… Read More »

“Why Do Some Wealthy Neighborhoods Vote Democratic?” An Answer…

Every conservative: “Well if Republicans are the party of the rich, how come Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley vote Democratic, huh?” Because these are not old money neighborhoods. Beverly Hills is actors, artists, and retired athletes—meaning these are people that probably weren’t born rich, and can remember what it’s like being poor. Same thing for… Read More »

Why Do People Hate California? …Or Pretend to?

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that half the country seems to make it their personal mission to wage a propaganda war against California. You barely need Russian bots when so many Americans seem willing to paint Cali as a post-apocalyptic hellscape where hobos run wild shitting on the streets and littering the… Read More »

No, Mitt Romney is Not a RINO–He’s Just Not Part of Trump’s Cult

Typical Trump dumb ass: “Mitt Romney is practically a RINO. He never votes with the Republican Party.” Check this out Compare: Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) Compare: Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Cory Booker (D-N.J.) Now you can go to that website and see that Mitt Romney votes with fellow Republican senators in the… Read More »

Are Trumpers a Cult?

We’ve seen Trump’s base referred to as a cult so often that it’s almost taken for granted. The profound strangeness of their actions barely even registers anymore, and someone might look a total freak (like a woman with sleeve tattoos carrying a machine gun outside a polling place who would’ve been straight-up mocked in Alabama… Read More »

It’s Not a “Blue State Bailout” but “Blue State Burden” when they Pay More Taxes and Drive the Economy

What Republicans say is the reason they don’t support a second stimulus: “We can’t have a blue state bailout.” But that is horseshit. Blue states pay more taxes and make up the staggering majority of American GDP. [Surprisingly, the economy does not run solely on Cracker Barrels in Wyoming.] Most & Least Federally Dependent States … Read More »

Is Project Lincoln More Effective Than Actual Democratic Groups?

Is the best Super-PAC for Democrats actually run by Republicans? I would argue that “The Lincoln Project” is certainly more effective than whatever idiot came up with “Defund the Police.” But why is that? Because the Lincoln Project is made up of some of the Republican dirty tricksters like Rick Wilson. [It’s much less clear… Read More »

Who was the Best Republican President? Alabama Liberal Has an Answer

A lot of people would instinctually say Abraham Lincoln, but—to me—I have a hard time really calling Lincoln’s Presidency “great” since it’s the first and only time America had a Civil War, and it occupied his Presidency from start to finish. The South started seceding before Lincoln even took office, and the final Southern troops… Read More »