Movie Reviews: “Daddy’s Home 2” Vs. “Bad Moms Christmas”

Which unnecessary sequel to a broad hit comedy shoehorned into the holiday season will win out? Wellllllllll, the similarities between them are uncanny (they have basically the same ending, and even the promise of a Vegas-set spin-off), and it’ll largely be a matter of taste in which one you like better. “Bad Moms Christmas” is… Read More »

Book Reviews: Afterlife, The Force, The Late Show, The Destroyers, The Switch

As if you needed any more thrillers or mysteries to get you through Halloween, but if you did… Afterlife by Marcus Sakey…Fantastic. Seek this book—about an electricity and fire-free afterlife called “The Echo” populated by “eaters” who can consume the energy of others—out now. Sakey does something incredible here: weaving together a compelling romance, tense action… Read More »