Alabama Will Surpass Detroit as America’s New Car Kingdom

Sorry Rustbelt, but the Southeast is the new car kingdom. You had a good run, but it turns out people don’t like depressing-ass places with 10 feet of snow, bitter winds, and even more bitter people. Just a few days ago, I made a YouTube video about why the Buffalo Bills should leave the roughneck… Read More »

Unpopular Vote: No More “Outsider” Presidents

At a time when every celebrity thinks they can be President (The Rock, Oprah, Roseanne, Mark Cuban) AL wonders why voters are drawn to the presidential candidate with the least experience, AND why lack of experience is nowhere near a selling point with corporate America. Plus, why private business’s “skills gap” is largely an illusion…

Did Russia Kill Andrew Breitbart?

Alabama Liberal puts on his tin foil to explore conspiracy theories and invites you to share yours in the comments section! Chief among his wildest theories is that Andrew Breitbart might’ve been murdered to pave the way for the Alt-Right…

The Buffalo Bills Should Move to Birmingham

AL explains why the Buffalo Bills should move to Birmingham, Alabama, the biggest city in the football-capital that could actually make money for them and sell-out stadiums…

How Will Sexual Misconduct Allegations Affect Awards Season?

Alabama Liberal wonders if this year’s Best Actor winner will have to give back the award on-stage…   [Update after the Golden Globes: Best Actor Winner James Franco has actually been accused of sexual misconduct IMMEDIATELY after winning. As always, Alabama Liberal calls it but nobody gives a damn because nobody’s watching.]

Movie Reviews: “The Post” and “Call Me By Your Name”

Two of the biggest Oscar contenders of 2017 didn’t get a wide release until the new year, but now you can find out what all the fuss is about. Although, for Alabama Liberal, it may be a bit overdone… Call Me By Your Name…The film inspiring critics to practically orgasm in their seats is both… Read More »