Episode 65–How will CoVid change us? AND introducing the alphabetical primary

After answering a few great questions (Why did Bernie Sanders really drop out? How will CoVid change the way we behave? And how does Alabama Liberal know Tara Reade is lying?), I point out the very real flaws in letting Iowa–where Joe Biden did terribly–continue to be first in the nation even though they are… Read More »

America has the world’s rightwing healthcare system

Alabama Liberal explains the origins of America’s employer-based healthcare system, why it’s a huge conflict of interest, the ridiculous resistance to price caps on pharmaceutical drugs, and lastly the hidden role that doctors play in not changing the system. Ultimately, he tells why “Republican healthcare reform” is a myth because they love the current system.

Episode 64–The Recession is Here. Let’s Invest

AL rebukes the denial that a recession isn’t here and the raging bull market will be back by the 4th of July if only Trump can restart the country by Easter: it ain’t happening. After explaining why things are about to get much worse for the economy (and why so many top companies are loaded… Read More »

Episode 63–An Interview with Mike Broihier, Running Against Moscow Mitch

Today, we have a special interview with one of the most interesting senate candidates in the country: Kentucky’s Mike Broihier, who is a former Marine, substitute teacher, current sustainable farmer, and Moscow Mitch’s worst nightmare. He tells some fascinating stories about Kentucky deals with Russian oligarchs gone wrong, the murky history of McConnell’s military service,… Read More »

Episode 62–Forget LGBTQ, I’m worried about FGTTQ (FB, Google, Twitter, TikTok, Quora)

Alabama Liberal explains why it should be social media keeping people up at night, from fake information to fake people to fake outrage to outright fascist propaganda. By sharing personal stories of being one of the first users on Facebook to Chinese SPAM on Quora to getting catfished by a Bernie Sanders supporter on Twitter,… Read More »

Episode 61–Different Cycle, Same Sanders

Sigh…here we are again with another lost race that Bernie Sanders refuses to concede. Alabama Liberal asks real questions like: how is it rigged against Bernie when he receives preferential treatment? Does he now wish he hadn’t stripped superdelegates of their power? Have a lot of his fans actually voted Democratic before and do we… Read More »

Episode 60–Taking Back the Senate

Alabama Liberal breaks down each senate race taking place this year, and the odds of Democrats taking each one of the 23 Republican-held ones. With more GOP senate scandals unfolding everyday (insider trading, past votes not to fund pandemic response, denying the virus before catching it), this is a good guide to which races you… Read More »

Ranking and Grading the “Jack Ryan” Movies

While everyone is both disappointed that “No Time to Die” has been pushed back to November but also eagerly awaiting Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie, there’s a quieter milestone for a different spy franchise: believe it or not, its been 30 years (as of March 2nd) since “The Hunt for Red October” was the first… Read More »