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Movie Review: Dunkirk

At long last, a film you might still care about. If you’ve already gotten through the first 21 of my “24 reviews in 24 hours” film day, you’ll likely be more interested in this… What Works: Christopher Nolan is a huge advocate for movie theater viewing, and especially IMAX viewing, and I am glad I watched… Read More »

Reviews: “Baby Driver,” “Atomic Blonde,” “Valerian and the 1000 Planets,” “Lego Batman Movie”

Three of these movies are not actually that old, and you may find any of them in less-selective theaters with 20 screens and needing a way to fill them. However, they’re all genre-related and it’s important to look at the right (and wrong) way to do action, sci-fi, or comic book based movies. Baby Driver…I… Read More »

Documentary Reviews: “Chasing Coral,” “Icarus,” “Risk,” “My Scientology Movie”

Many documentaries have gotten so compelling, and professionally-made, that in 2016 I picked “Weiner” as the best film of the year, the first time I’ve done so in the site’s history. Only time will tell if that’s the case this year, but I’d already rather watch three of these four movies over much of what’s come out… Read More »

Reviews: “Life,” “Table 19,” “The Great Wall,” “Beauty & Beast,” and Great “A United Kingdom”

A quintet of “Beast-themed” movies, of course, as this weekend’s events in Charlottesville taught us, not all beasts aren’t human, and “A United Kingdom” (the best of the bunch) targets a much more nefarious type of beast. Life…This somewhat overrated sci-fi film is about an international space station that picks up Martian life which is–you… Read More »

Reviews: Incredible Jessica James, To the Bone, Naked, Sandy Wexler, Deidra & Laney Rob a Train

Will Netflix distribution eventually replace traditional theaterical distribution? Part of me hopes not, but I had to admit it was kind-of nice watching five original movies in a single day for less than the price of one outrageous $15 L.A. ticket. I’m one of the biggest defenders of movie theaters out there, and I know… Read More »

Movie Reviews: “I Don’t Feel At Home in this World Anymore,” “Message From the King,” “Sleepless”

Vigilante movies are somewhat irrestible, aren’t they? You get to watch somebody else take on a corrupt system rigged to favor criminals (both high and low) either through extreme negligence (as in the case of “I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore”) or law enforcement kickbacks (“Sleepless”). But even though vigilante films/noirs may… Read More »

Movie Reviews: “Get Me Roger Stone,” “Oklahoma City,” and “Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press”

Is there anything better than a great political documentary? All three of these are worth a watch and currently on Netflix… Oklahoma City…A documentary about the Oklahoma City bombing that may not reveal a whole lot of new information, but it does delve deep into the history of the radical rightwing that led up to… Read More »

Movie Review: Okja

Heralded as Netflix’s “breakthrough into mainstream film success”—which people have said about Adam Sandler’s Netflix-only projects or oscar-contender “Beasts of No Nation” years ago—the latest film from Snowpiercer’s versatile Bong Joon-Ho is about a genetically engineered super-pig that looks more like a hippopotamus with Dumbo ears. The pig is raised in the seclusion of the… Read More »