Episode 95–The Future of the Past

Alabama Liberal looks at History, and how fluid it truly is in this wide-ranging episode that discusses the roots of conservative backlash towards homosexuality, why “Free Speech” conservatives aren’t radically different from Chinese censors, why so much energy (and political capital) is devoted to the past instead of the future, Trump finally going where he… Read More »

Episode 94–Fame & Fascism

In this darkly thrilling episode Alabama Liberal explores loads of new topics like the links between fascism and fame, the lack of any meaningful difference between communism and fascism, why he thinks Ron DeSantis is the first conservative communist, the ridiculous hypocrisy of Will Smith’s celebrated Oscars slap during the “Time’s Up” era, showbiz nepotism… Read More »

Episode 93–The Menpire Strikes Back: Uncle Thomas & The Supreme Cult

It’s Church 1, State 0 as Alabama Liberal takes a look at the Supreme Inquisition’s latest erosion of the separation between church and state. Along the way, he makes a case that “state’s rights” arguments are usually wrong, the term “Uncle Tom” should be replaced with “Clarence Thomas,” most anti-abortion people don’t really give a… Read More »

Episode 92–G.I.A. (Guns, Immigration, Abortion) Revisited & The Libertarian Lie

A jam-packed episode exploding with ideas and covering the buffet of horrific news the last few months have brought like the worst elementary school shooting since Sandy Hook, the media’s myopic obsession with gas prices or Biden’s poll numbers, and–worst of all–the possible loss of another one of American’s rights with the overturning of Roe… Read More »

Episode 91–War on Reality: Comic-Con, QAnon, and Russia’s Con

Alabama Liberal looks at the ongoing “War on Reality” from Moscow to Florida, and a world swimming in propaganda and fantasy. This thoughtful exploration of a culture drowning in malarky also comes up with a way out of the war, a new direction for Russia, a solution for Marjorie Taylor-Green and Lauren Boebert, and refutes… Read More »

Episode 90–Year of the Tiger: Biden, Year 2

What does the year ahead hold for Biden’s Presidency and the upcoming senate races? Alabama Liberal offers a guess, and then takes a deep dive into why Biden’s poll numbers have been dropping (often for contradictory reasons), the illusion that Democrats are “blowing it,” the madman on the loose that is Donald Trump, why the… Read More »

Episode 89–National Response Scenario 6: Toxic Industrial Chemicals

In his long-awaited 89th episode (and the end of the quintet of episodes around large, often-ignored issues), Alabama Liberal looks at the enormous difference between how CoVid is treated and how toxic industrial chemicals polluting humanity are treated. Many questions are asked like: Why don’t people care more about “Forever Chemicals” in their bloodstream? Do… Read More »

Episode 88–Old Testament Government vs. New Testament Government

The subtitle for this episode is “America Has the World’s Most Rightwing Healthcare System,” and is about where America’s singular(ly bad) healthcare system comes from, why it hasn’t changed, the unexplored role doctors play in that change, and why people are so skeptical of the American medical establishment. Also, Afghanistan, the Olympics, CoVid’s resurgence, and… Read More »

Episode 87–The American Voter vs. The American Worker

Feeling patriotic due to the 4th of July, Alabama Liberal talks about voting rights and disenfranchisement, and argues that a democracy is only as good as its voter turnout and/or access. Also, in this episode he notes the tension between democracy and “the economy,” as well as demographic differences in the average American voter vs… Read More »

Episode 86–The End of Meat?

What happens when someone who is in no way, shape, or form a vegetarian explores the question of whether we’ll still be eating meat in the future? Find out in this episode that explores the future of meat, what it’s like to live in a town mostly known for chicken plants, the environmental costs of… Read More »