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An Audio Interview with Roger Hobbs, Author of the Terrific “Ghostman” Series

Longtime readers know I’ve been a fan of Roger Hobbs for years, and both of his novels have easily made Alabama Liberal’s Top Ten Books of the Year list. He was nice enough to have a wide-ranging conversation where we discuss his mysterious central character, influences (from other authors to Michael Mann), where to visit in Asia,… Read More »

The Best Books of 2015…

What were the best books of 2015? Keep reading, and feel free to mention any you think I might’ve forgotten… Honorable Mentions: The Explorer’s Guild…I wouldn’t call it a particularly great book (I only gave it a “B” grade) but it is one of the most unusual and oddly old-fashioned books of last year, and… Read More »

Book Reviews: Badlands, Vanishing Games

Two great thrillers that might be dismissed because of their genre, but should be considered for any year end best lists… Badlands by C.J. Box…It’s technically a sequel to “The Highway” but deals only a little bit with the events of that book (and it’s still-at-large deadly serial killer) and I’m not sure why it… Read More »