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Larger Editorial: Actually, Rubio May Be In Trouble…

It’s tempting to overthink New Hampshire—a state that is not really indicative of America, but has huge influence over its presidency—and reconfigure the race for about a week…until the next primary reshuffles it again. All the breathless coverage usually misses the point, but perhaps not in the case of Rubio’s stingingly weak showing. A week… Read More »

New Hampshire Doesn’t Change a Thing

The headlines seem to be some variation of “Hillary is in big trouble!” Or how Trump and Sanders dominated. OR how this will dramatically change the race…blah blah blah… The truth is that Donald Trump has been leading in New Hampshire for months. If he had lost tonight it would have spelled big trouble for… Read More »

Is Chris Christie Afraid to Go Home?

We just asked if Chris Christie was done in this race, now it’s time to wonder “Is he afraid to go home?” Right before the New Hampshire primary, Christie said “I’m going to South Carolina even if we place 6th in New Hampshire.” Yet he now seems to have changed his mind since he may… Read More »