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Episode 79–W.O.A.T.

Alabama Liberal will give you one hint as to what “Worst of all Time” is referring to…Then, he does a deep dive into Biden’s victory and impending inauguration, Trump’s shameless attempts to steal the election, if the media will be able to let Trump go, how surprising it is that “evil” tech companies are taking… Read More »

All I Want for Christmas is…Trump’s Removal From Office

Dear Santa, I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing well. [What is her name by the way? She should have a name. I want to recommend “Ashanti Claus.”] Hopefully, all is well with the North Pole–which I hear is suffering heavily from climate crisis–and bless the Elf Labor Union as well. It may seem… Read More »

Trump Impeachment Watch…Top Five Reasons to Impeach Him This Week

Since I wrote the epic takedown “100 Reasons to Impeach Trump” on his 100th day in office, he’s been determined to make me look dated by adding new reasons. Here are the top five reasons to impeach him in the last week or so… 5. He’s hinted he’s about to phase-out press releases. Obviously, this isn’t… Read More »

100 Reasons to Impeach Donald Trump

I consider this Alabama Liberal’s 95 Thesis, and instead of nailed to The White House door, perhaps quietly slipped into The Oval Office–perhaps by Pence himself. This list is in no particular order and obviously some reasons will be stronger than others… 1. We didn’t elect him. There has never been a sitting President who lost… Read More »