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Episode 74–Cultural Grievances + Sunk Cost Fallacy = Trump’s Base

In a wide ranging episode, Alabama Liberal dives deep into Trump’s base and creates an unusual theory on their motivations for backing a man the majority of the country can see is a criminal, con man, aspiring tyrant, etc. Popular myths are debunked, such as “Trump’s people are afraid to openly support him and that… Read More »

The Only Two Reasons People Will Vote for Trump

We’ve seen the countless social media threads basically asking people to “convince them” to vote for Joe Biden over Trump. It is–without exception–fake and just an excuse for Trump’s troll army to pretend to listen and argue the merits of any argument for Biden as if you had a real chance. Trump is not fit… Read More »

Episode 67–Damnation.Tarnation.Trumpnation

In a follow-up episode to “Traitor.Treason.Trump,” AL takes a closer look at Trump’s “unique” fanbase–their hopes, their dreams, and the nightmares they inflict on the rest of us. By looking at exactly what motivates them, Alabama Liberal also reveals the only tactic he’s used that’s successfully changed their minds.