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Frequently Asked Question: “Why in the Hell do Texas Republicans Keep Talking About Secession?”

Few people know that Alabama Liberal’s first (and best) unpublished manuscript was a speculative fiction spy-drama detailing what would happen if Texas actually did secede from the United States. That was written in early 2011, when then-Texas Governor Rick Perry–not yet moved on to “greater things” like resigning from the Trump administration or “Dancing with… Read More »

No, Lincoln Could Not Have Just “Bought” the Slaves from the South. Here’s Why the Civil War Could NOT be Avoided…

Bad ideas are like herpes: they never really go away, and you’re kind-of stuck with them forever. One of the most persistent bad ideas in American history is the notion that Abraham Lincoln specifically or the Northern states generally could’ve simply “bought” the Southern slaves and then freed them. [I think this might be particularly… Read More »