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Episode 6 – But Seriously, is Ted Cruz Eligible to Be President?

Alabama Liberal’s Brody and Blue in Alabama’s Michael face facts after Iowa by wondering “Where Will They Be” with the losers: Will Santorum and Huckabee run away together? Did Martin O’Malley changing his campaign song to “The Sound of Silence” foretell his fate? Why do we keep forgetting Rand Paul is alive? Then we move… Read More »

Does Cruz Know that Half of Faux News is From NY? He Should Consider NYC a GOP Success

Watching the “debate” on Fox News Business, I think Ted Cruz thought it was a very safe stance to be against “New York values,” with that familiar, patronizing eye roll. I think he thought there was nothing safer than taking a dump on New York in front of a red state audience. [And you half… Read More »