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Why Should Americans Follow the Supreme Cult when the Supreme Inquisition Wants to Strip Them of Their Rights?

This is actually a very fair question. —For starters, the Supreme Court’s power is only the perception of power. It has no agency to enforce its rulings. The Justice Department is independent of the court, and no law enforcement agency answers to the court. [They have a police force of roughly 200 officers, but they exist largely… Read More »

We Need More “Judicial Bullying” for the Supreme Cult

Many of our horrible, conservative Supreme Court Justices have been complaining about “Judicial Bullying.” Samuel Alito certainly didn’t like it when his Godawful decision to reverse Roe (and the ridiculous “legal precedents” he cited to justify it) was revealed to the public before it was “time.” Likewise, Brett Kavanaugh sure didn’t seem to enjoy being… Read More »

Episode 93–The Menpire Strikes Back: Uncle Thomas & The Supreme Cult

It’s Church 1, State 0 as Alabama Liberal takes a look at the Supreme Inquisition’s latest erosion of the separation between church and state. Along the way, he makes a case that “state’s rights” arguments are usually wrong, the term “Uncle Tom” should be replaced with “Clarence Thomas,” most anti-abortion people don’t really give a… Read More »