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The Buffalo Bills Should Move to Birmingham

AL explains why the Buffalo Bills should move to Birmingham, Alabama, the biggest city in the football-capital that could actually make money for them and sell-out stadiums…

How the Super Bowl Became a Part of the Culture Wars

Since when do so many people like the Atlanta Falcons? Since they were up against Tom Brady and the empire of evil, that’s when. You might have noticed that it seemed like an awful lot of people were pulling for the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday, and there were a lot of broken hearts when… Read More »

Wish I Could Give Two Shits About the Super-Bowl…

“Who are you for: Denver or Carolina?”–A real question asked during the GOP debate. Ben Carson—of all people–gave the most diplomatic answer with “I can predict with 100% certainty that either Denver or Carolina will win the game.” And even thought that was an unusual moment for Carson—if the dude has a joke that actually… Read More »