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Why Simone Biles Didn’t Win “Dancing With the Stars” Even Though She Should’ve

People are funny. They are “shocked” Simone Biles didn’t make the “Dancing with the Stars” Finale over lesser dancers like David Ross. The judges “couldn’t believe it” after they had judged her harshly. The host couldn’t believe it after he had told her to smile more just last week. And the media write-ups keep using… Read More »

Episode 32–Are Strict Constitutionalists the American Taliban?

In the first part of our “Sacred Cows” trilogy, we take on Strict Constitutionalists. [Don’t worry, we don’t mean the title literally like they’re actually as violent…discounting Ted “Zodiac Killer” Cruz and his JFK murdering papa.] We ask such burning questions as: does anyone really give a shit about the men’s Olympic events? Why do… Read More »