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Episode 33–We Need to Talk About Islam

In the middle part of our “sacred cows” trilogy, we talk about Islam in what may be our most explosive (pun intended) podcast yet. Trying to get past the phony extremes of both parties, we try to strike a middle-ground between a ridiculous outright ban of Muslims or neocon warmongering and unconvincing liberal denials that the Islamic… Read More »

The Best Books of 2015…

What were the best books of 2015? Keep reading, and feel free to mention any you think I might’ve forgotten… Honorable Mentions: The Explorer’s Guild…I wouldn’t call it a particularly great book (I only gave it a “B” grade) but it is one of the most unusual and oddly old-fashioned books of last year, and… Read More »

Book Reviews: “Armada,” “Day Four,” “Slade House,” and “Two Years, Eight Months, and 28 Nights”

We now step firmly into genre work with two spooooky ghost stories, a rousing sci-fi adventure, and Salman Rushdie’s excellent meditation on Jinn as an allegory for terrorism. Two Years, Eight Months, and Twenty Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie…Terrific novel that starts a little slow, but builds up to a terrific conclusion as it becomes clear… Read More »