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Why Are Entertainment Journalists Happy Netflix is Cancelling Shows?

A weird trend has been taking place lately in regards to news coverage of Netflix. And I don’t just mean that the Netflix has started cancelling series. In fact, I was pretty unaware that the network had a reputation for not cancelling series. But don’t worry because many, many headlines made me aware of this fact by loudly trumpeting… Read More »

Movie Reviews: “War Machine” and “The Wizard of Lies”

Sadly, people are debating about whether to release any movie smaller than “Transformers”-size in a theater at all. Some argue that small and mid-size movies will be seen by a wider audience if they just stream on various platforms or Video-On Demand, but to me that would basically symbolize the death of independent cinema and… Read More »

“House of Cards” Season 4 is Its Best Yet

I’ve been very vocal about my disappointment in season 3 of “House of Cards.” [I said the entire season was tied for a specific episode of “The Strain” for the most disappointing TV moment of 2015.] Boring characters took center stage, interesting ones were completely marginalized (Doug was off angrily staring at his kitchen for much of… Read More »