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Netflix Movies: Our Souls at Night, Gerald’s Game, First They Killed My Father

Three very different Netflix Original offerings finds Redford and Fonda back at their peak, Gugino and Greenwood at a low point, and Angelina Jolie directing another film where the main characters are brutalized for two hours-plus… First They Killed My Father…I’ve mentioned several times that Jolie is a pain-freak in her directorial efforts, piling on… Read More »

Reviews: “Win it All,” “Tramps,” “Small Crimes,” “Imperial Dreams,” “Burning Sands,” “Coin Heist,” “Sand Castle”

People are frequently wondering where the small indies sometimes called “Slice-of-Life” dramas went as they’ve all but disappeared from theaterical distribution. It turns out, “Netflix Original films” aren’t just for shitty Adam Sandler comedies, but also a place to find small films that now struggle to get any theaterical distribution, most of which are actually… Read More »

Reviews: Incredible Jessica James, To the Bone, Naked, Sandy Wexler, Deidra & Laney Rob a Train

Will Netflix distribution eventually replace traditional theaterical distribution? Part of me hopes not, but I had to admit it was kind-of nice watching five original movies in a single day for less than the price of one outrageous $15 L.A. ticket. I’m one of the biggest defenders of movie theaters out there, and I know… Read More »

Movie Reviews: “I Don’t Feel At Home in this World Anymore,” “Message From the King,” “Sleepless”

Vigilante movies are somewhat irrestible, aren’t they? You get to watch somebody else take on a corrupt system rigged to favor criminals (both high and low) either through extreme negligence (as in the case of “I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore”) or law enforcement kickbacks (“Sleepless”). But even though vigilante films/noirs may… Read More »