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Quick Reviews: “Fahrenheit 11/9,” “House with a Clock in Its Walls,” “You Were Never There,” “Endless,” “RBG,” “Angel,” “Revenge,” “Rider,” “Resistance Banker,” “Venom”

Fahrenheit 11/9…Michael Moore’s confused agitprop wasn’t half the film “Fahrenheit 911” was–either critically or commercially, and it’s because Moore isn’t really making a film about Trump. Long sections of this film seem like Moore actually set out to make a documentary about the Flint Michigan water crisis (an environmental scandal that could also be considered a slow-moving… Read More »

Quick Reviews: “Sisters Brothers,” “Simple Plan,” “Predator,” “Nun,” “Peppermint,” “White Boy Rick” “Jurassic World 2” “Uncle Drew” “Damascus Cover” “Gemini”

The Sisters Brothers…A twisty Western that keeps going in directions you wouldn’t expect. For some, that may be a bit disappointing at first, but this is a film that grows the more I think about it. I found myself slightly underwhelmed while watching it, but enjoying it more fondly days and even weeks later. For… Read More »

Movie Match-Up: “Proud Mary” vs. “The Commuter”

Two absolute junk January thrillers starring actors who’ve seen better roles, and if you waited until February to watch a movie in theaters I certainly wouldn’t blame you since the old truth about January being a dumping ground for the bottom-of-the-barrel looks to be holding true this year. However, not all bad things are equal,… Read More »

Movie Review: Criminal

  A movie I wanted to like more than I did. What Works: You’ve got to admire Kevin Costner. At a time when a lot of 80’s stars have become self-parodies (Ah-nuld) or bizarre, outright disgraces (Mel “Let Me Tell You About Jews–Hey Where You Going?” Gibson), Costner still manages to star in diverse, interesting projects… Read More »

Announcing a “Movie Talk” YouTube Channel…

I’ll be promoting myself more heavily on YouTube once we get everything up and running, but for now I’d like to announce the creation of “Move Talk.” I was hoping to put it on ITunes right beside “A Year Long Conversation” but they don’t allow multiple podcasts for the same account. There’s been about four… Read More »