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The Best Movie Mothers

I didn’t even want to put “of all time” in the title of this posting, because I realized that if there’s anything harder than coming up with a list of Bad Movie Mothers, it’s limiting my list of Good Movie Mothers. There were so many to choose from, this list is going to be a… Read More »

Bubba’s Triumphiant Return for “Alabama Valentine’s Day” (Mother’s Day) and MILF Countdown

That failed communist known as Alabama Liberal hasn’t let me post anything in more than two years, but I finally found a way to hack into his site. It turns out, his password is password, and even though it took me three hard years of trying (mostly by looking for a library so I’d have… Read More »

The 10 Most (and Least) Anticipated Movies of the Summer

It’s time for our Summer Movie preview, and as usual there’s at least ten movies I’ll not be looking forward to along with the good ones. The Least Anticipated Movies of the Summer Runner-Up: Captain America: Civil War…I know, I know, it’s gotten “great” reviews so far, but so did Captain America 2 and if anything my interest in… Read More »