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Episode 6 – But Seriously, is Ted Cruz Eligible to Be President?

Alabama Liberal’s Brody and Blue in Alabama’s Michael face facts after Iowa by wondering “Where Will They Be” with the losers: Will Santorum and Huckabee run away together? Did Martin O’Malley changing his campaign song to “The Sound of Silence” foretell his fate? Why do we keep forgetting Rand Paul is alive? Then we move… Read More »

Live-Blogging the Republican Junior Varsity Debate…For Some Reason

4:00–We’re here, as the GOP allows its sorriest candidates to take up airtime… 4:01–Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, and Jim Gilmore are there. Good Lord, what a pitiful crew. 4:02–The first question to Mike Huckabee “Why aren’t you popular this time out?” 4:03–He says that his message is just fine, BUT it’s clearly not… Read More »

Are Republican Immigrants Setting Up a GOP That They Don’t Fit Into?

As I pointed out in the article right before this one—“Does Ted Cruz Know that Half of Faux News is From NY?”—the Republicans are looking less and less like the hillbillies they cater to. In fact, if they weren’t so desperate to appeal to Evangelical zealots and rural xenophobia, they might note that they (technically)… Read More »

Episode 1–Which Candidate is Most Inauthentic?

Alabama Liberal’s Brody and Blue in Alabama’s Michael start The Year Long Conversation with the tough questions: which candidate is most inauthentic? Does Bernie Sanders own a comb? Is Ted Cruz’s accent or makeup less authentic? Are the Duck Dynasty guys the conservative Kardashians? Will Santorum and Huckabee commit a suicide pact after Iowa? Are… Read More »