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Every 2017 Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

I watched over 200 movies in 2017, and all and all it was a pretty solid year… The Worst Movie of 2017: “Get Out”…Just like I chose last year’s “Hacksaw Ridge” as the worst movie more for its ideological bent than because it was technically worse than any other movie, I’m choosing “Get Out” because… Read More »

Movie Review: Logan Vs. King Kong Skull Island

In this landscape of Disney remakes, unasked for Power Rangers reboots, uncalled for Fast and Furious sequels, and even a–oh, what the fuck?–R-rated, kitchen-sink CHIPS remake it may look like Hollywood has officially run out of ideas. Even a technically new idea like the sci-fi thriller “Life” looks cobbled together out of 100 “astronauts run… Read More »