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The 10 Most (and Least) Anticipated Movies of the Summer

It’s time for our Summer Movie preview, and as usual there’s at least ten movies I’ll not be looking forward to along with the good ones. The Least Anticipated Movies of the Summer Runner-Up: Captain America: Civil War…I know, I know, it’s gotten “great” reviews so far, but so did Captain America 2 and if anything my interest in… Read More »

Episode 14–Are Doomed Campaigns Ponzi Schemes? Plus, “Election Industrial Complex”

We explore the growing “Election Industrial Complex” and how our elections have become a big business. And discuss some big questions like: are doomed political campaigns the new ponzi schemes? Is it wrong for politicians on a losing mission (cough, Bernie and Kasich, cough) to keep getting money for campaigns that can’t win? Is their… Read More »