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Episode 8–How Will Scalia’s Death Affect 2016? Should Liberals Celebrate?

In episode 8 of “A Year Long Conversation” we go through all the big stories that happened in only a week since we talked to you last: Bernie proves that white people really do like him in New Hampshire, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie go back to just privately hating Hillary Clinton, the Valentine’s Day GOP debate… Read More »

What Do You Think Jim Gilmore’s Doing Right Now?

“What do you think Jim Gilmore’s doing right now?”–Only Alabama Liberal. That’s right folks, I ask the questions nobody else cares about—I mean, “dares” to ask. And right now I’d like to continue being fascinated by/laughing at “Presidential Candidate” Jim Gilmore. [The quotes are necessary for legal reasons.] Earlier today, I asked “But Seriously, Why… Read More »

But Seriously, Why in the Hell is Jim Gilmore Still in This Race?

“What do you think Jim Gilmore is doing right now?”–No one, ever. Or at least not since this race has started. In fact, many of you right now are thinking “Who’s Jim Gilmore?” Which is perhaps the reason that the former Virginia governor-turned-presidential laughing stock got a measly twelve votes in Iowa. Huffington Post interviewed one of… Read More »

Episode 5 -Is the Winner of Iowa Really a Loser?

Today’s episode is an exciting one, as we get into predictions for who will win Iowa, how many states each candidate will get, who will drop out next, who will win the nomination of each party, and even who they will select as VP. Along the way we answer such burning questions as are Latinos… Read More »