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Movie Review: Can “Jason Bourne” Get Beyond Himself?

A few years back, when Jeremy Renner tried his hand as a Bourne-replacement in “The Bourne Legacy” I wrote an article about just how damn similar all the Bourne movies were—same basic plot, American character-actor CIA baddie, more internatonal-character actor rival assassin, outlandish car chase through a city towards the end with more hand-to-hand fights… Read More »

An Audio Interview with Roger Hobbs, Author of the Terrific “Ghostman” Series

Longtime readers know I’ve been a fan of Roger Hobbs for years, and both of his novels have easily made Alabama Liberal’s Top Ten Books of the Year list. He was nice enough to have a wide-ranging conversation where we discuss his mysterious central character, influences (from other authors to Michael Mann), where to visit in Asia,… Read More »

The 10 Most (and Least) Anticipated Movies of the Summer

It’s time for our Summer Movie preview, and as usual there’s at least ten movies I’ll not be looking forward to along with the good ones. The Least Anticipated Movies of the Summer Runner-Up: Captain America: Civil War…I know, I know, it’s gotten “great” reviews so far, but so did Captain America 2 and if anything my interest in… Read More »