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How I Chose “America’s Biggest Assholes” and the Runner-Ups

Choosing “America’s Biggest Assholes” is a daunting task. First, America is not as old as most other countries and there’s not–despite what you may have read about this or that President over the years–really “an American Hitler” or “an American Genghis Khan.” American ruthlessness is usually a more subtle and corporate-infused variety so that it’s sometimes… Read More »

Petty Issues: Jeb, George, Trump, and Cruz…A Rogue’s Gallery of Humanity’s Worst

Jeb Bush rolled out his secreat weapon: his brother, the worst president in modern times. Watching these two campaign together reminds me of when the Special Ed kids go to the City Council meeting to learn about Government. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a bullet-proof short bus… Speaking of Jeb’s family connections, the… Read More »

Episode 2 -What’s Behind the Whitewashing of George W. Bush?

In the first half of today’s podcast, we make debate predictions: Will Ben Carson stay awake through the whole thing? Will Ted Cruz break out in patriotic tears? Will Donald Trump literally spank Jeb Bush out on stage or just settle for pulling his pants down? And in the second half we go in-depth about… Read More »