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Episode 39–Are We Poisoning Ourselves? Food and Other Addictions

Our big things trilogy might be finished, but we still found another big topic to tackle: food and various other addictions. Americans eat too much of it, and we dive deep into: why is there a political divide in food? Why do red states associate freedom with things that kill them? Is sex addiction real?… Read More »

300 at 30–Episode 4–Foodie Spelled F-A-T-S-O

The flip side of “Food spelled F.O.M.O.” is “Foodie spelled F-A-T-S-O” and this episode highlights the traps people who love trying different types of food can be susceptible to, the same way a “wine connoisseur” may be on a slippery slope to becoming a wino. Listen in and beat “new” (usually recycled) flavors together…

300 at 30–Episode 3–Food Spelled F.O.M.O.

Man’s long-time survival instinct has now been warped by food peddlers tweaking it to fit the Fear Of Missing Out times we live in. Listen in to hear how literal “flavor of the month” items are designed to knock you off your diet and how to combat it…