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Episode 39–Are We Poisoning Ourselves? Food and Other Addictions

Our big things trilogy might be finished, but we still found another big topic to tackle: food and various other addictions. Americans eat too much of it, and we dive deep into: why is there a political divide in food? Why do red states associate freedom with things that kill them? Is sex addiction real?… Read More »

300 at 30–Episode 4–Foodie Spelled F-A-T-S-O

The flip side of “Food spelled F.O.M.O.” is “Foodie spelled F-A-T-S-O” and this episode highlights the traps people who love trying different types of food can be susceptible to, the same way a “wine connoisseur” may be on a slippery slope to becoming a wino. Listen in and beat “new” (usually recycled) flavors together…