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Ranking All Pixar Films from Worst to Best

Note: Really, even “the worst” Pixar film is worth seeing, and after I got to about the mid-point of this list I realized I was just ranking different degrees of excellence (the difference between an A- and an A or even an A and an A+). It’s truly remarkable what this studio has accomplished, that an… Read More »

Movie Review: “Finding Dory” is Completely Forgettable

In my “Summer Movies” preview where I listed which ones I was most anticipating and least anticipating, I singled out “Finding Dory” as something I was pretty lukewarm to, and–I hate to say it–but I was right. Welllll, I was at least right that I wouldn’t like it that much, despite all the box office bajillions it’ll… Read More »

The 10 Most (and Least) Anticipated Movies of the Summer

It’s time for our Summer Movie preview, and as usual there’s at least ten movies I’ll not be looking forward to along with the good ones. The Least Anticipated Movies of the Summer Runner-Up: Captain America: Civil War…I know, I know, it’s gotten “great” reviews so far, but so did Captain America 2 and if anything my interest in… Read More »