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Every 2017 Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

I watched over 200 movies in 2017, and all and all it was a pretty solid year… The Worst Movie of 2017: “Get Out”…Just like I chose last year’s “Hacksaw Ridge” as the worst movie more for its ideological bent than because it was technically worse than any other movie, I’m choosing “Get Out” because… Read More »

Movie Reviews: Everything Everything, Free Fire, Colossal, My Cousin Rachel, Boss Baby

I can’t really even pretend these films have anything in common except that I watched them. That’s about it, but this is a strong group over all… Everything Everything…This unfairly dismissed teen romance (mediocre reviews and box office) follows Amandla Stenberg’s immune-disease afflicated teen (the movie calls it something, but you may know it as… Read More »