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America’s Next Top Climate Activist Says America’s Enemies Run on Fossil Fuels

BUT for a more detailed video about how America’s enemies run on fossil fuels, check out this eerily prescient video from 2018 where Alabama Liberal warns that Russia will keep meddling in things as long as it has the oil revenue to do it and jack up gas prices whenever they want to punish theā€¦ Read More »

300 @ 30: America’s Youngest Climate Activist Says Junk Food is as Bad for the Environment as it is for You

America’s Youngest Climate Activist drops by to help Alabama Liberal warn that junk food is not only bad for your weight loss goals, it’s also bad for the environment.

Fossil Fuels KILL More Jobs than they Create

While in an area that was economically devastated by the BP oil spill, AL explains how fossil fuels actually wreck more jobs than they create. [Note: The sound quality in one video was so bad, I had to redo it with a second take–but the first footage was too beautiful to scrap completely.]