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Quick Reviews: Detroit, Bushwick, Stronger, American Assassin, Lady Macbeth, Ingrid Goes West, The Glass Castle

7 films of wildly varying quality that you can now pick up on DVD and in “Bushwick”‘s case stream on Netflix… Bushwick…A director’s triumph as most of this pivotal event (in which Bushwick is invaded by mysterious black-clad soldiers) unfolds in flowing, technically-astounding long takes. Anyone who enjoyed the climax of “Children of Men” or… Read More »

The Most (And Least) Anticipated Movies of the Summer

To me, this Summer seems much quieter than previous years and it seems more full of shoulder shrugs than sure-things, with almost half my “Most Anticipated” list coming out in August, traditionally the sleepier period of Summer. We may finally be seeing the affect of studios greenlighting fewer movies to release bigger tentpoles, a strategy… Read More »