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Ranking the 20 Cities for Amazon’s HQ2 From Least to Most Likely…

The Pretenders…The only reason Amazon released a “short list” of 20 cities rather than the 10 (or less) they were actually still considering is to further interest and keep people glued to this quasi-insulting “Bachelor”-esque real estate show. Although I have to admit that it’s a little fun pitting cities against each other, and I… Read More »

Quick Reviews: “The Hero” “Little Hours” “Band-Aid” “Maudie” “Columbus” “Whose Streets” “Norman”

Some final reviews of indie character studies (some are gems, others not) before delving into films currently in theaters that more people care about… The Hero…In a just world, the great Sam Elliot would be a serious Best Actor contender for what is some of his finest screen work here. In the world we live… Read More »