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Live-Blogging the CNN Democratic Debate–Night 1

7:00–For the first time in years, the phrase “live from Detroit” is uttered… 7:02–CNN gives an intro so over-the-top, I half expect Hank Williams Jr. to come out singing “Are you ready for some de-baaaaate!” With Bernie Sanders playing electric guitar, Buttigieg giving a blowjob on stage, and Julian Castro bursting through a paper mâché… Read More »

Petty Issues: Donald and Jeb “The Tortured Bromance” Edition…

[Author note: Don’t worry guys, with Super-Tuesday right around the corner, we’ll have some good stuff up this weekend. But as I take a small break with petty issues over a larger editorial, you might want to check out this week’s new podcast, episode ten was just posted and it’s loaded with good stuff.] I… Read More »

Episode 10–What Type of Strategies and Fans Does Each Candidate Have? Exploring GOP Identity Politics

A very special tenth episode of “A Year Long Conversation” that is a little longer than usual but moves like a bullet-train. We dive deep into: How each candidate’s strategy is shaped by who they are (Ted Cruz’s shady minions, Rubio’s half-hearted endorsements, Trump’s unimaginative strategy of actually winning states). We explore the media’s dead-wrong assertion that… Read More »