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The Most (And Least) Anticipated Movies of the Summer

To me, this Summer seems much quieter than previous years and it seems more full of shoulder shrugs than sure-things, with almost half my “Most Anticipated” list coming out in August, traditionally the sleepier period of Summer. We may finally be seeing the affect of studios greenlighting fewer movies to release bigger tentpoles, a strategy… Read More »

Episode 38–How (Not) to Make It in the Media

Really and truly folks, how many podcasts could give you everything you wanted to know about the media in just one episode? I’m talking Brody’s adventures trying to make movies in Alabama, getting cast in things in Los Angeles, trying to publish books in New York, and striving to crack that ever-elusive club of bloggers… Read More »

Quick Reviews: Finest Hour, Hail Caesar, Barbershop 3

Every now and then, a film slips through the cracks–sometimes I don’t see it, sometimes I don’t want to see it (until later), or sometimes I see it but am just not inspired to write a review until months after a film is relevant–but I catch up with it eventually…If these three have anything in… Read More »