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Episode 8–How Will Scalia’s Death Affect 2016? Should Liberals Celebrate?

In episode 8 of “A Year Long Conversation” we go through all the big stories that happened in only a week since we talked to you last: Bernie proves that white people really do like him in New Hampshire, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie go back to just privately hating Hillary Clinton, the Valentine’s Day GOP debate… Read More »

Could Trump Actually Be the Nominee? It’s Looking That Way…

Trump’s “stunning” win in New Hampshire (so says a media that thinks a months-long polling advantage is surprising) may be a bigger deal than it at first appears. “But Alabama Liberal, you just said Bernie’s win was no big deal?” That’s right, but that’s because the state is Bernie’s backyard, lilly-white, and he’s not polling well… Read More »

Does The GOP Still Need Carly Fiorina?

I think it’s been pretty transparent what Carly Fiorina’s role in this election has been: to talk shit about Hillary Clinton. The wise sages in the Republican Party had to find a female candidate—any female candidate so that it wouldn’t just be dozen men on stage talking about how evil Hillary Clinton is. In fact, even… Read More »

Live-Blogging the Republican Junior Varsity Debate…For Some Reason

4:00–We’re here, as the GOP allows its sorriest candidates to take up airtime… 4:01–Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, and Jim Gilmore are there. Good Lord, what a pitiful crew. 4:02–The first question to Mike Huckabee “Why aren’t you popular this time out?” 4:03–He says that his message is just fine, BUT it’s clearly not… Read More »