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The Biggest Asshole in American History is…[Drum Roll]…

Note: If you missed the 10th “Biggest Asshole in American History” through the 2nd or the Runner-Up list, by all means catch up before reading further. There’s a lot of people who could’ve been chosen for the top spot, and it was pretty much a coin toss between the “Top 4” to determine their rankings. Although… Read More »

Sixth Biggest Assholes in American History Are…Nelson W. Aldrich AND Allan Pinkerton!

Note: As always, if you missed 10 through 7 or the Runner-Up list, check back now before we get to “Final 5.” Specific Note: Yes, it’s true that Allan Pinkerton is the only immigrant in the top 10, technically being born in Scotland before coming to America as a relatively young man. That’s part of the reason… Read More »

Seventh Biggest Asshole in American History is…John Hickson (Sugar Research Foundation)!

Note: Check back at the Runner-Ups list and 10th through 8th Biggest Assholes if you haven’t already seen them. And later today for the “6th Biggest Asshole in American History” along with the…drum roll please…Top 5 Biggest Assholes in only the next few days. John Hickson (of the Sugar Association or Sugar Research Foundation)…This is by far… Read More »