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Ranking and Grading the “Jack Ryan” Movies

While everyone is both disappointed that “No Time to Die” has been pushed back to November but also eagerly awaiting Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie, there’s a quieter milestone for a different spy franchise: believe it or not, its been 30 years (as of March 2nd) since “The Hunt for Red October” was the first… Read More »

Amazon Series Reviewed: Sneaky Pete, Patriot, One Mississippi, Fleabag, Man in High Castle

After reviewing Amazon’s Pilot Season and upcoming shows, why not take a look back at several series they’ve had recently…[And a handful more tomorrow too]… Sneaky Pete…This con artist-set series has already been renewed for a second season, but I found it to be a mixed-bag overall. There are certainly great things to recommend like… Read More »

Amazon’s Upcoming Series: The Tick, I Love Dick, Last Tycoon, and Jean Claude Van Johnson

While I reviewed this current crop of Amazon’s pilots yesterday, it might be time to take a look at the series they greenlit from last year’s pilot season… The Tick…A dedicated group will love this update of “The Tick” but I wasn’t encouraged by the pilot. The lead character/actor (Griffin Newman playing an accountant with… Read More »

Odds on Which Amazon Prime Pilot Season Series Will Get Picked Up

Amazon Prime’s pilot seasons—in which viewers watch a handful or so of TV pilots and pick which ones they want to see made into series—started out revolutionary and often invoked the praise “Finally! Why don’t more networks do this?” Well, partly because cable series and our bingeable culture (Amazon itself releases all episodes of its… Read More »