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Movie Reviews: Sleight, Fist Fight, The Comedian, Worlds Apart, Power Rangers, How to Be Latin Lover

By now, you know the drill…Rather than review each bad or lesser-known movie when it hits theaters, I bundle a bunch of the shittier ones together in the film review equivalent of bad Wall Street bets on junk mortgages. How to be a Latin Lover…A movie that some people will love—if you like “broad” (dumb)… Read More »

Movie Round-Up: Trainspotting 2, CHiPs, Belko Experiment, Wilson

If you had told me I would enjoy the critically-reviled “CHiPs” remake more than the long-anticipated “Trainspotting” sequel, I might’ve punched you in the face. But that’s exactly what happened… Trainspotting 2…Even the movie’s clumsy official title “T2” feels derivative, and although you can’t blame Danny Boyle for wanting some of that Linklater-“Before Sunset/Midnight” indie-sequel magic, this… Read More »