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Reviews: Documentaries on Spielberg, Joan Didion, “Tickling Giants,” and Lady Gaga

There’s something inherently fascinating about documentaries about artists, and what a collection we have to choose from with new docs on the world’s most famous living film director, a legendary 60’s writer, a mega-successful pop star, and an Egyptian political satirist trying his best to poke fun at encroaching fascism… Spielberg…If you go outside Hollywood… Read More »

Documentary Reviews: Obit, Born in China, Banking on Bitcoin, Josh: Teenager Vs. Superpower, Marsha P. Johnson

Five wildly different 2017 documentaries that are mostly winners, but it’s also kind-of hard to make a bad documentary. 4 times out of 5 you’ll learn something new, and the hardest part may be getting people to watch… Obit…A documentary about the New York Times that even conservatives can enjoy, this doc follows the obituary… Read More »

Documentary Reviews: “Chasing Coral,” “Icarus,” “Risk,” “My Scientology Movie”

Many documentaries have gotten so compelling, and professionally-made, that in 2016 I picked “Weiner” as the best film of the year, the first time I’ve done so in the site’s history. Only time will tell if that’s the case this year, but I’d already rather watch three of these four movies over much of what’s come out… Read More »