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“Reasons to Reelect Trump”…That are Completely False

I keep seeing the same Republican “reasons” to reelect Trump surfacing all over the internet in a way that is not only suspicious (why the same talking points over and over?) but provably false. I’ll now debunk a few of the ones I see the most… 1. “There’s a strong economy.” The economy has collapsed.… Read More »

If “Elections Have Consequences” Why Do Republicans Keep Losing but Still Get to be in Charge?

One of the most repeated phrases of the rightwing is “elections have consequences” which they say any and every time that any non-Republican seems to point out how blatantly unfair something is. Yet I can’t help but wonder “if elections have consequences, how do Republicans keep losing but still get to be in charge?” —In… Read More »

Actually, Obama DID Care About Red States and Rural Areas

It is a common misconception that Obama didn’t try to win over red states or rural areas or the white working class or older white rural voters or people who are 50 miles from a Target or however you’d like to phrase it. In contrast to Trump–who is perfectly fine letting California get consumed by… Read More »

Stop Saying Hillary Outspent Trump

This may not be the most relevant thing to talk about two weeks before the Iowa primary, but I just get so infuriated when people say “Well, Hillary raised more money than Trump—so money can’t buy victory.” I absolutely HATE when Republicans keep bringing up that Clinton raised more money than Trump, and I have… Read More »