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Why Should Americans Follow the Supreme Cult when the Supreme Inquisition Wants to Strip Them of Their Rights?

This is actually a very fair question. —For starters, the Supreme Court’s power is only the perception of power. It has no agency to enforce its rulings. The Justice Department is independent of the court, and no law enforcement agency answers to the court. [They have a police force of roughly 200 officers, but they exist largely… Read More »

Unpopular Vote: Giving Oil Companies Everything They Want Will NOT Lower Gas Prices

It’s been almost comical to see Republicans repeatedly fret about gas/oil prices, but then come up with no credible solutions to actually lower gas/oil prices. Their general “answers” all seem to revolve around the concept that if you give a huge industry everything they want, prices will magically lower themselves out of the goodness of… Read More »

“Government is Evil Republicans” Sure Want Government to Control People

One of the great, hidden ironies of politics in this century is that Republicans pretend they are for small government, but have only ever given the government more control over people’s lives, usually over aspects that have no need for government input. Meanwhile, they pretend they are economic wizards (and some Democrats pretend they hate capitalism),… Read More »

Unpopular Vote: Countries in Europe Aren’t More Liberal than America, Just More Equally Represented

By now, we’ve absorbed it almost as a total truth that Europe is unequivocally more liberal than the United States. This is perhaps forgetting the rival histories of Europe and the U.S. since the U.S. constitution was an inarguably liberal (for its time) and revolutionary document the founders signed knowing they could be executed by… Read More »

Of course, Democrats are STILL the Party for Blue Collar Workers

Last week, I shot holes all through the increasingly popular Republican talking point that Democrats have “abandoned” the working class in favor of “elites,” and that Trump (a billionaire who poops on a gold toilet) changed everything. This week, I’d like to focus that message even more towards blue collar workers or jobs. After all,… Read More »

Despite Whining About “Inflation,” Republicans Actually Want to Make Price Gouging Even Worse

Republicans seem to have a mantra for the 2020 midterm elections: “crime, gas prices, inflation.” Whereas they struggled mightily to make a coherent case against Biden in the 2020 election (“Hunter Biden’s laptop is on a Ukrainian war boat stuffed with cash, cocaine, and child sex slaves. Why won’t the media cover this?”), they appear… Read More »

No, Lincoln Could Not Have Just “Bought” the Slaves from the South. Here’s Why the Civil War Could NOT be Avoided…

Bad ideas are like herpes: they never really go away, and you’re kind-of stuck with them forever. One of the most persistent bad ideas in American history is the notion that Abraham Lincoln specifically or the Northern states generally could’ve simply “bought” the Southern slaves and then freed them. [I think this might be particularly… Read More »

Actually, Killing Putin will PREVENT Nuclear War

Cowardly pundits in the America media seem obsessed with the idea that angering Putin in any way would lead to nuclear war, and are determined to flex their inner-Neville Chamberlains in order to pretend this situation in Ukraine can end well if all we all just give Putin everything he wants or tip-toe around him… Read More »

Appeasement Doesn’t Work, but Decapitation Does

Appeasement doesn’t work, and Alabama Liberal has real doubts about counter-insurgency, but cutting off the head of the snake (a terrorist group, a criminal cartel, or rogue state) actually is incredibly effective.

Bubba Goes to Shanghai

Bubba goes to Shanghai to find out what happened to his town’s off-shored jobs, eventually doing battle with sassy toilets, witches, pirates, and the main castle of outsourcing.